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Valet Parking

Valet Parking

We offer valet parking facilities, and you can be rest assured about the safety of your things. We have managed to provide high-end security, and there is nothing that should bother you.

Sea View

Sea View

When we say sea view, we are not lying there. You get to enjoy the chill breeze of the sea, and the view that you have you from the window is something that you will thank us forever.

Individual Villa

Individual Villa

Think you need a larger accommodation that makes it comfortable for a whole family to stay? Then you will definitely like our villas, and they are affordable as well.



Holidays aren’t complete without travelling. However, travelling is not an easy task. You will have to plan and get them executed within the expected budget, and we are sure that all that is not easy. The real pain is when you do not find the right accommodation that fits all your interests. So here we have created a platform that can help you all this without much strain. Also, you need not have to worry about bringing over your stuff. We will have it transported for you through Hunts International (experts in removals to France).

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The Culture of French Food

Next to Italian food, French cuisine is noticeably some of the most adored cuisines in all of Europe and considered to be the very best if we may add. While the entire French cuisine culture starts off with the way they view food, which is a massive part of their lifestyle, as well as picking the correct ingredients, taking a lot of time to plan their menus and also, sitting down at a scheduled hour to enjoy food together on a daily basis, there is a lot of culture involved when it comes to French food.

When it comes to mealtimes in France, everybody should drop what they’re doing

Having three square meals a day according to the correct meal times in this country is actually a thing. The French are one of the few cultures that have actually preserved the method and meaning behind ‘daily family time’ and it involves sitting around a table with both friends and family. While most people around the globe, find this to be too time-consuming, the French take time off work during midday to go home and enjoy a meal together. They also only believe in three square meals a day and do not believe in a snack serving as food.

For the mere fact that having three square meals are so important, some restaurants in France even serve dinner after 10 p.m.

The tradition of bread, cheese and wine

These three food items form an essential part of the culture of French cuisine. They perfectly compliment one another and make an affordable lunch for all to enjoy. Having bread, cheese and wine together is a tradition as these three items are made by locals all around France. Bread is baked fresh daily and forms part of their heritage. If you think of something doughy like croissants, these serve as the perfect breakfast and one you should definitely have when visiting this beautiful country. With 32,000 bakeries all around France, you’ll have a lot to choose from.

Also, meat, poultry and fish…

Serving as sources of protein and paired with most meals, meat, poultry and fish are considered both adequate for lunch and dinner. If you look at a French table of food, there will always be a centrepiece that merely consists of meat. If you’re a meat lover, you’ll definitely love this tradition.

A Café Society for all the world to enjoy

When you take a stroll through France, you’ll notice the relationship between the locals, food and travellers. It’s a beautiful experience and yet another reason why France is considered an extremely cultural country when it comes to food. Enjoying a coffee with a newspaper or book at a café is best described as the art of passing time by the French. The French implore these lazy days and advise you to take a break and do the same.

Best Things to do in France

Describing a whole lot of France is like describing a whole lot of magic, all around you for the taking. When compared to other countries in the world, France is one of the most well-known, especially when it comes to food, fashion, travel and above all else, romance. In fact, that’s what makes Paris, for instance, such a magical city. The fact that there is so much love in France… Left, right and everywhere you look, adds to everything else and that is why it is considered one of the most loved places to travel to on earth.

With that being said, the French are a delight in itself and once visited, it would be extremely hard finishing your trip without planning your return back.

If this is your first trip, however, you might be wondering, just what could you do in France and what if you’re not a romantic yourself? Is France still the ideal destination, even if you’re a cynic? The answer is yes and a thousand times again, yes.

Paris Musee de Louvre

Now, of course, it all starts in Paris… The Musee de Louvre does not only encompass the magic of France but is an artistic dream, one that is recognized as one of the worlds most visited museums. Although the outside of this pyramid-like building is enchanting all by itself, inside lies several art collection pieces that includes everything from the Egyptian mummies to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting. This iconic museum serves as a potent symbol of the French finesse, as well as its sensitivity.

Versailles Palace (Chateau de Versailles)

Once serving as the king’s palace in 1682 and now recognized as the Hall of Mirrors, the glittering enfilade and the glided royal apartments, were all considered to be fit for royalty. If you’ve ever wanted to see a golden palace and experience the rich history thereof, then the Versailles Palace is a must-see.

Paris: Eiffel Tower

We bet you know this one. The Eiffel Tower commemorates the French Revolution’s centennial celebrations. It is one of the biggest landmarks in France and is the world’s most visited and paid monument by global travellers. The tower was constructed by a man name Gustave Eiffel and was constructed in 1889. Be sure to capture a glance of it at night, out on the Champs de Mars. There are millions of multicolour lights on the tower which will make you understand just why this is the spot for a marriage proposal or even just a big date. Romance overload.

Mont Saint-Michelle

Bridging the border between Normandy and Brittany is Abbaye du Mont Sant-Michel. This abbey is a legendary, artistic and medieval architecture which combines perfectly with the very forces of nature. It is situated on top of a tidal island and marks as a symbol of the French heroic resistance towards the English during the war. Definitely another historic must-see.